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What is the admissions process?
When you come to our community, whether you’re being discharged from a hospital or coming directly from your own home, the first step is to contact the Admissions Clerk at 231.724.3521. You will then be asked some basic personal information, along with a request for insurance and medical information. Once this is received and insurance has been verified, it goes to our medical staff for review.

After approval and based upon our ability to meet the resident's individual needs, the resident's responsible party will meet with the Admissions Clerk to complete the admission paperwork. Then the resident will begin the process of moving into Brookhaven.
What documents are required to be admitted?
The State of Michigan requires that we receive the following prior to admittance:
  1. Medical History and Physical Examination Report
    A current History and Physical must be obtained and can be dated no later than 30 days prior to the date of admission. It is very important that the physician completing the History and Physical include a list of current medications and their dosages.
  2. Chest X-Ray Report
    A chest x-ray report is required and must be dated within 90 days prior to admission. Your primary care physician will need to order the x-ray and then also obtain a written report from the radiologist.

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